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                           Welcome to the Mangape

    The purpose of the Mangape ecosystem is to bring a fresh perspective to Cardano and provide the          Cardano community with exciting opportunities through its games.

                                        Mangape NFT Collection
                                                        Consists of 1500 unique NFTs.


What is our exact purpose in launching NFTs?
Our goal is to bring a fresh perspective and excitement to the Cardano and web3 space. We aim to address the shortcomings of the Cardano ecosystem. Knowing that there are many scam projects out there, we intend to demonstrate how high-quality projects can be. We value our NFT holders and are committed to creating a project that will consistently bring gains to our community of holders.


$MNGP Token
The supply of MNGP tokens will be announced in the future.
MNGP token will be our main token.
It will have a certain value when listed on specific markets.
Transactions within our game's marketplace will be conducted using this token.

$MAPE Token
The total supply of Mape tokens is 3,000,000 $MAPE.

What is the purpose of Mape tokens?
Mape tokens are tokens that you can earn by playing the game and staking NFT rings.
These tokens serve as secondary tokens in our project.
Their primary function is to be converted into MNGP tokens after a 1-week lockup period.


When will it become active?
Our staking system is currently active on Lit staking.
In the future, we will have a staking feature on our platform, and you will be able to perform staking operations there.

Why should I stake my NFT?
By staking your NFT, you can earn token rewards and receive gift incentives.

How many tokens will I earn by staking my NFT?
The accumulation rate for $MAPE tokens is as follows:
Regular Mangapes = 10 $MAPE/day
1/1 Mangapes = 20 $MAPE/day
Mangape Golden Ring = 20 $MAPE/day

Games - MangapeFLY

We have released a demo on our website, and this game will be updated immediately after minting to become profitable for NFT holders.

How can we earn rewards?
We will introduce a leaderboard system to the MangapeFLY game, which will reward the top 10 players within a week.
After one week, new textures will be added to the game, completely changing its course.

What rewards will be offered?
Rewards will include NFTs, $MAPE tokens, ADA, and more.


Our game is an FPS/TPS battle royale game. Every day, there will be a certain amount of energy available, and you can play until your energy runs out. Depending on the number of players you eliminate in a single match, you can earn MAPE tokens. Additionally, you might receive loot crates from some matches.

What is the purpose of the loot crate ?
The loot crate you win can be sold on our marketplace in exchange for MNGP tokens, or you can choose to open it.

What surprises await when I open the loot crate?
When you open the loot crate, you might find three valuable stones: red, green, and blue. It can contain Mape tokens or energy.

What do these stones do?

Red Stone:
Increases your character's damage output, allowing you to get more kills easily.

Green Stone:
Increases your character's health points.

Blue Stone:
Helps you earn more tokens in the next game and increases the probability of dropping an extra loot crate.

These stones can also be sold on our marketplace, and each stone can be used only once.

What else can we expect?
The game will be open to everyone, but players who hold NFT rings will have an advantage with more damage and higher health points. Players without NFTs and rings will receive lower rewards compared to NFT and ring holders.


Before the 3D game is launched, our marketplace will be opened.

What can we expect in the marketplace?
The primary purpose of the marketplace is to facilitate the buying and selling of in-game items and incorporate actions that increase the value of the MNGP token.
In the marketplace, you will be able to buy and sell in-game items using MNGP tokens.
You can also sell our NFTs through the marketplace using MNGP tokens as the intermediary.
There will be no commission fees for sales of Mangape collections and rings (commissions will be charged for stones and loot crates).
Additionally, the marketplace will offer various features such as character skins and other customizations for your in-game character.


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